This time last year…

…I was blogging about Celine Dion, Rhianna and life in a refugee camp. True, this summer won’t be nearly as adventurous as my last, but I felt it was definitely time to reimmerse myself in the online world of blogs!

I’ve got big plans for this page, so watch out! At the moment, I’m trying to figure out how to do everything – WordPress is a lil different from my old friend Blogspot. Bear with me though, hopefully this thing will be up and running in no time.

I finally decided on ‘laura and friends’ as my title. Other options included Guerillaura and The Ramblings, but they just didn’t sit right (yes I did think about this a little too long and a little too hard!). Given I’d love to interview friends and share thoughts other than my own on this dear little screen, I think ‘laura and friends’ is ever so fitting.

So thats it from me tonight…toddle over to my flickr to see a couple new photos – I’ve got a minor ‘dying flower’ obsession at the moment – is that odd? Will figure out how to pop a picture in over the weekend 🙂


4 thoughts on “This time last year…

  1. to be honest, i was very nearly going to set up with blogspot again. i just really like it. but wordpress isn’t too bad 🙂

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