Interview No. 1

I was approached this evening by a young fellow on Facebook Chat. Clearly, he is a guy of vision and great wisdom. Realising the enormous potential of this little blog, he was quick to contact me and avail himself to a rigorous online interview. I’m sure the exposure he will receive from this blog alone will launch an incredibly successful and rewarding career in answering questions, at least. So here it is, a powerfully moving and remarkably compelling insight into Kedron’s next big thingJohn Cavallaro…

L: So John, firstly, can you tell me, are you a custard or a jelly type of guy?

J: I like to mix both together into a slurry, so they are indistinguishable.

L: Fair enough. Who has been the biggest influence on your professional career?

J: Isaiah Saunders, the boss at Channel 7 Corporate. One of the best bosses I have ever known, as he put people before work.

L: You’ve worked under him?

J: Yes, he was my last boss.

L: Oh awesome! And where are you working now?

J: Is this part of the interview… or off the record?

L: Off the record until you say something interesting… then it is definitely on!

J: Oh well, I’ll keep my answers boring then…um.. I work for myself as a freelancer. Anyhow, where were we?

L: We were just about to discuss your music tastes. All time favourite album?

J: I’m probably doing to regret saying this, but I love Powder Finger Odessy No 5. Every song is quality, but I’ve played it to death. I guess the Snow Patrol album gets a lot of airtime lately too.

L: Good to know (I’m great at those pointless little ‘moving on’ phrases, hey). My last question, it’s a Rove favourite – who would you turn gay for?

J: Oh, I would turn gay for Bert Newton. He has so much charisma.

L: Oh that’s gold, the press will go wild with that!

J: Or Ellen Degeneras. She’s really fun… If a gay guy hooks up with a gay girl, is it still a gay relationship?

John continued to ponder that thought for  a few moments – I thought it was really best to end things there. So there we go. A silly little interview to get the ratings up!





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