Help needed…

My dad is terribly hard to buy for so this year we made him write us a detailed list of potential gift ideas. Being that they were all practical, boring and not-so-pretty, I’ve left buying for him til last. So now, my two budget appropriate options are a pair of Thorlo running socks (I’ve got it covered!) and a legionnaires hat.

Many of you will remember wearing legionnaires hats in primary school. I’m guessing they went out of fashion at least 5 years before that, though the Government loved them for a big Sun Smart campaign they did. Dad’s current hat of choice is, indeed, one of those Sun Smart beauties. Olive green, shapeless front brim, long flap down the back and fluro orange print across the top. Every daughter’s nightmare.

I spent a good chunk of today hunting around for a replacement (he’s after blue or white – thank God, even Dad realises that fluro orange / olive green is not flattering), with no avail. Does anyone have any idea where I might be able to get my little hands on such a creation?

Given he seems to be begging to win the dorkiest dad award with this gift choice, I might even drop it off to be embroidered with something witty (or really lame) – again, suggestions also welcome!


2 thoughts on “Help needed…

  1. hahaha blogging is back!

    when in doubt, buy a gift card… when not wanting to be the most boring gift giver in the world – a gift card to naughty-but-nice!

    (im joking alright!)

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