Dorky dad update…

So it would seem that not only are legionnaires hats very hard to come by, they are also ALWAYS some variation of olive green. Actually, thats not true, sometimes they are beige…but of course, if they are beige, they compulsorarily (is this a word?) come with fluro orange lining. Alas, it seems the powers that be have strictly enforced olive green and fluro orange as¬†obligatory colours for legionnaires hats. Who am I to fight it?

Hence, Dad will not get his white or navy legionnaires hat. Given the hefty price tag for such a tragic item of clothing, it seems he will also miss out on the Thorlo socks and the witty embroidery. But hey, at least it has an adjustable head strap, vented pockets, quick-dry material and a handy neck tie. And did I mention its olive green?

Laura and the legionnaire


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