One of the gifts exchanged in our house yesterday was a beautifully presented coffee table book entitled Wisdom, by Andrew Zuckerman. The book captures the portraits and wise words of 50 of the world’s most prominent over-65-year-olds. Having browsed through Wisdom’s pages ever so briefly, I am looking forward to sitting down with a tall glass of ice tea and filling my mind with all the wisdom these dear old folk have shared. But it made me think, you don’t have to be over 65, or prominent to have a wise word worth sharing.

This post may be a little longer than most, but here is the beginning of my own ‘Wisedom’ collection – capturing the portraits and wise words of 50 of the world’s six of my household’s most prominent over 65-year-olds present under-81-year-olds. Enjoy.

David Fraser

David Fraser

Don’t grow up too soon. Enjoy your life. People want to get older, to grow up quicker, but then they get there and realise there is nothing there, so they should have stayed young and enjoyed it.

Mary Fraser

Mary Fraser

You have one mouth and two ears, so listen more than you talk.

Pauline Digby

Pauline Digby

Always be yourself, sweet and gentle.

Scott Fraser

Scott Fraser

L: “Dad, do you have a word of wisdom for me?”

S: “Yes.”

L: “So..?”

S: “Well you’ll have to pay me for it.”

Proverbs 1:7 “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

Gillian Fraser

Gillian Fraser

Always listen to your mother.

Kate Fraser

Kate Fraser

Laura is white.


One thought on “Wisdom…

  1. hrmmm i think kate’s facial hair is getting out of control…

    some nice pearls of wisdom there, and i see your other family member has quite rightly been censored 😛

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