Inspired by the straps on the Chanel quilted bag I love so much, this little project was the easiest holiday DIY ever.

What you’ll need:

Ribbon – I love velvet ribbon in cherry ($2.50/m at spotlight) but satin works just as well and is probably cheaper. Width about 4.5mm.

Silver chain. Width approx 5mm. ($2.99/m, again at spotlight).

A pair of scissors.

What you'll need

Step One – Measure the chain so it fits perfectly around your wrist. Cut the chain at the point, using the scissors to pry the next link open.

Cut chain

Step Two – Tie a knot at one end of the ribbon. Measure in about 12 cm.

Measure ribbon

Step Three – At the 12cm mark, tie the ribbon around the first link of the chain, threading it in one side, around the link and back out the other side.

First link

Step Four – Holding the chain taut, weave the ribbon through the rest of the links. If you are using one-sided velvet ribbon like mine, make sure the velvet side continues to stay face up.

Thread through

Step Five – At the last link, thread the ribbon through twice as per the first link. Measure out another 12 cms of ribbon, tie in a knot and trim the ends.

Tie ribbon

Voila, all done. I’ve been tying the bracelet on with a cute little bow, alternatively you could cut the ribbon shorter and tie it in a knot or get rid of the ribbon on the end all together and attach a clasp.


A few in a couple of different colours and you’re set 🙂



5 thoughts on “diy…

  1. i love this and will head to spotlight tomorrow! Laura – as my friends at shop till you drop say – you are so on trend. Or perhaps fashion forward. One or the other anyway!!!

  2. tassen would look good in cherry velvet I think. Maybe apricot satin, but the cherry would definitely bring out the colour of his eyes!

  3. Maybe should have checked on the ole nail polish situation before doing close ups on your fingers.. hehe. But seriously, I love it.

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