Status updates…

I stole this idea from my beautiful friend Steffany, who stole it from the lovely Ruth. I think its a wonderful opportunity to write a lot of things about myself, and since when do I ever let an opportunity like that pass? 😛 All that I would write in my status update….

Laura is demolishing a packet of doritos.

Laura is watching a teeny tiny gecko run across the wall.

Laura is thinking back to this time last year, this time last month.

Laura is wondering about this time next year, this time next month.

Laura thinks Jake from One Tree Hill could be as great as everyone else made him out to be.

Laura is laughing at her Dad, who thought Mozilla was called Mozzarella.

Laura misses having a bedroom and a wardrobe and her own space.

Laura smells like herself again, thank you Narcisso Rodriguez.

Laura is grateful.

Laura wishes nail polish didn’t chip off so much.

Laura is learning to sew.

Laura is learning to breathe.


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