Sunday Seven..

My favourite seven things for this week…

1. Marc Jacobs Women’s perfume – glorious!

marc jacobs

2. Waking up early, being a morning person, catching worms or whatever happens at that hour of the day (I’m turning over a new leaf, being a morning person, today is day one…I feel like I’m on a sleep diet)

3. Spending time with the Fraser / Hampshire / Digby girls 🙂

4. About Today by The National – OH MY.

5. Studying. Okay no, scratch that. The fact that I’m studying for my last exam for the summer. Bring on a month of real holidaying.

6. Plies and rond de jambe and finally taking a ballet class again!


7. Encounter Youth is back on this Friday and we are so pumped for an exciting year!!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Seven..

  1. The National is one of my favorite bands! Boxer is definitely my favorite album. Saw them last year in New York; they were actually even better live than on their records.

  2. I will have to check it out 🙂 I discovered them with About Today and have been trawling through youtube videos to hear some of the rest of their stuff! Very jealous that you saw them live!

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