Oh cute Emily!

Emily and I were deep in discussion tonight, reminiscing an old conversation we had on msn a few weeks ago. Despite the fact that she is pretty much my number one fan, we were apart for New Years this year (and the one before, and probably the one before that…hmmm). She partied hard at the coast and I attended a fancy dress party.

The dress code was simple. Come costumed as anything starting with the first letter of your first name. Laura Laura Laura. L L L. Pathetic I know, but all I could honestly think of was ‘Lobster‘. And trust me, a girl doesn’t want to see in the new year with a pink exoskeleton and nasty nipping claws. That’s soooo last season.

And now, if we are being really honest, I think my lobster brain freeze was brought on by the fact that I had a pretty new top and wanted to wear it out. Anyhow, Emily thought it was fairly ridiculous that I didn’t dress up and provided a very comprehensive, if not quirky, list of costume options should an invite to a similar party ever come my way.

Her most appealling suggestion was to don a large cardboard circle around my middle and be a ‘Lazy Susan’. Genius! A perfect way to wear a fairly normal outfit underneath and steal all the party food for myself. If I get sick of chips and lollies on one side, I’ll just twist it around to the chocolate and cake on the other. Seriously, go Em for best idea ever!

So, after reminding me of her incredible suggestions in our real face to face conversation tonight, she continued to list of other ‘L’ ideas, ranging from Lollipop to Larrakeet.

You’d have to have a beak“, she began.

And feathers,” I chimed in.

Oh and feathers sticking up on your head! Hmm wait, Larrakeets, they don’t have those sticking up feathers do they?” she continued.

No Larrakeets don’t. I could go as a cockatoo though, instead,” I said mindlessly.

No duh, you can’t do that. It needs to start with the letter L, not K” she said rolling her eyes.

So next party, I promise to come as a Kockatoo. Cause that starts with K.


NOTE: A huge thank you to MissRebecca for pointing out that, in fact, Larrakeets aren’t even a real species. I think we meant Lorikeets. I think. Check MissRebecca’s comment for a very accurate description of what a Larrakeet might be  🙂


3 thoughts on “Oh cute Emily!

  1. Haha. Just because I can be a perfectionist… I’m quite certain it’s Lorikeet not Larrakeet. Or Parakeet? Larrakeet sounds a bit like an amalgamation of Lorikeet and Larrikin.

    Larrakeet: n. A small to medium-sized arboreal parrot given to comical or outlandish behaviour with an apparent disregard for convention.

  2. Haha I thought it may have sounded a little wrong!! haha thats awesome though, thanks for pointing it out…love the definition 🙂

  3. i wish you opened with the kockatoo and closed with the lazy suzan.. so that people would leave thinking about how clever I was.
    anyway whatever, Im famous now.

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