Little Liberia











Very very rarely have I taken photos like these two. I spent three months seeing these girls every day. Sometimes I doubt three months is a long enough time to really get to know someone, but then again, spend much longer with a person and maybe you begin to see who you expect them to be, not who they really are. I don’t know.

What I do know is that, by pure accident of course, these photos capture everything I know about these two tough little girls.





2 thoughts on “Little Liberia

  1. Beautiful kids hey, and how chilled out is that little one in the B&W! you guys were obviously good good pals! What are their names?

    keep taking millions of photos and you may find one or two that you love but nobody else does, and you may find one or two that everyone else loves and you absolutely hate 😛

  2. Aren’t they darlings! Angela is in black and white, she could do a mean rendition of ‘I’m a Barbie Girl’ and was an absolute stunner. The cutie in pink is Angela’s niece Queenstar. Total diva, only four years old, picked up a swear word, loved the reaction it got her and so used it all the time after that. So hard not to laugh 🙂

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