Review: The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones is a story narrated by a little girl who was murdered as a school girl and now watches her family, her friends, her classmates and even her killer from heaven. Author Alice Sebold explores the way in which tragedy and grief affect people – damaging bonds, breaking up families, building bonds, bringing families together. 


Why read it? The Lovely Bones unusual perspective is thought provoking and clever, which, combined with a great plot, makes for an interesting afternoon of reading! (Its not as massive as What is the What, and much easier to read through!)

What did it make me think about? As Susie, our little girl lost, is able to see everythingfrom heaven, she is given the opportunity to know much more about her loved ones than life would normally allow. She witnesses their intense grief, the way in which they each struggle alone, the mistakes they make in coming to terms with her death. How often does a child really get to see what a parent or sibling is going through? It reminded me again of the fact that everyone around me is experiencing something that I might have no insight into – who am I to judge some strange behaviour from them when I don’t know that which they are going through?

A quick google has enlightened me to the fact that Peter Jackson is currently in post-production for a film adaption of the story, set to be released in Australia on Boxing Day 09. And the beautiful Rachel Weisz, an actress I very much love from The Constant Gardener, plays one of the leading female characters – I’m very excited to see how this project turns out!


4 thoughts on “Review: The Lovely Bones

  1. Sounds enchanting. I’ve always wanted to be a fly on the wall.I think people are different behind closed doors. Peter Jackson will do it justice.

  2. Oh!! Yes! I love this book! I read it about three years ago now, and even then I thought it was absoutely brilliant. I did find the beginning quite hard to get through, but once past that, amazing.

    I found that it presented an interwsting view of heaven that I hadn’t really thought about before. And the way she uses that interpretation to enhance the story on earth was amazing.

  3. Yeah the view of heaven was unique – I mean obviously no reference to God, and logistically I’m not sure if that could even work, but it was very clever hey!

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