Macroeconomickey and Swapping Clothes

So here I am. One sleep out from my last exam for the summer. It mainly focuses on the last five chapters of our textbook. Chapters I first laid eyes on about 48 hours ago. My head is pounding, my eyes are watering and even my stomach is protesting (it keeps incessantly asking for chocolate, completely distracting me from the task at hand). PC, my nasty evil study slave master a considerate friend who always makes me get off facebook when an exam is near, would not be proud. I am not proud. I am screwed.

Contemplating my frightful pre-exam state, I have been perfecting the art of total distraction. My distraction of choice today has been planning a clothes/accessories/shoes swap. A group of friends, gathered together in the name of recycling and fashion, bring along items they no longer wear. Everyone hunts through, finds what they want, leaving behind what they don’t. New outfits, no money spent – sounds good to me!

In researching this exciting phenomenon, I came across this video.

Throwing A Great Party:How To Host A Clothing Swap Party

Oh my. It’s probably not that funny. But oh how it had me in stitches. Anyhow, just letting my lady friends know that, if I get through the next 12 hours of study and make it out of my exam alive, I’d love to have a clothes swap!


4 thoughts on “Macroeconomickey and Swapping Clothes

  1. Laura!! Good luck for your exam, definitely count me in for a clothes swap party, that sounds awesome! I shall begin gathering my unwanted items!

  2. Thanks Bec!! Haha funnily enough, I was thinking about you the whole time I was writing this! …maybe its because you have such nice clothes, many clothes that I want to steal 😛

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