Laura hearts GoMA

Optimism: n. an inclination to put the most favourable construction upon actions and events or to anticipate the best possible outcome.

If you find yourself in the city in the next couple of weeks, with an hour or two to spare, you should most definitely make your way over to GoMA to explore the latest Optimism exhibition. It’s free, it’s open until Feb 22 and it’s a lot of fun to look at!

In my eyes, the stand out piece was ‘My Monument: White Forest’ by Kathy Temin. It probably wouldn’t usually register on my radar as ‘art’, but then if it isn’t art, I’m not sure how else I would describe it. Of all the works displayed, it was certainly the one that most moved me to feel something – in this case, utter peacefulness. There is just something about a quirky forest of white fur blobs that drives all the stresses of life away!

Other favourites included a couple of canvases by Michael Zavros (particularly Love’s Temple)  and a collection of portraits by Jan Nelson. But there were so many things that I really liked – that were unique and creative and made me very optimistic about the quality of our Australian artists!


One thought on “Laura hearts GoMA

  1. It looks like… ICE CREAM! I’ve never actually been to GoMA, the Warhol exhibition was on last time i was in town but i missed it grrrr

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