JesusCulture inspired..

So I am probably a little behind getting into the music that’s been coming out of JesusCulture. But now its been blasting out of my laptop for the last few nights. I love just sitting with God and drawing and even if its pretty basic, I hope it brings a smile to His face. He knows He brings one to mine.

your love never fails


4 thoughts on “JesusCulture inspired..

  1. You drew this? that is amazing! I never you were such a pro with the pencils… btw, i am really really behind – who/what is JesusCulture?

  2. Oh hey! I fully do this to my like minded, worshiping God through art, kindred spirited matey!

    Ps. I am mates with a few of the Jesus culture guys, i shall introduce you next time they come!

    🙂 Beej!xo.

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