Conversations with Kate

I was just chatting to Kate (the not-so-little little sister) about what I should blog about. I realise the frequency of my posts is dwindling off – with no summer subject to procrastinate, a little bit of the blogging attraction has faded. But I still very much want to keep this little blog alive and kicking, hence turning to my sister for some insightful inspiration.

Now to be honest, she didn’t really give me anything good. No breaking news, no latest gossip, not even a good suggestion for a book review. Instead, she offered this..

K: “Blog about me, and the fact I am using a bum bag as a pencil case.” 

L: “I wouldn’t really be telling people about that.”

K: “Blog about the essence of my being.”

L: “What does that even mean?”

K: “Blog about the essence of my beans. Beans! BEANS!”

L: Blocks ears to the squealing.

K: “Blog about the essence of me being a teradactyl.” Scrunches up her hands and face, striking an awkward pose.

Minutes pass and I keep wondering what I could really blog about. Muted sounds of rummaging can be heard from the spare bedroom. Suddenly, Kate returns..

K: “Blog on this!”


You know what Kate? I will. As every good blogging big sister should, I am dedicating a post to my sister Kate. And you all thought Jeremy was the strange one…


7 thoughts on “Conversations with Kate

  1. seriously, that bum bag IS my pencil case!
    im such a trendsetter, i mean look at that photo,
    who WOULDNT want to be me …

  2. Bahaha this is by far one of the best blogs i have read, not because of kate (ok maybe a little to do with kate, but don’t let her know, it’ll inflate her ego), but your ability to make something out of nothing. By the way i really love her shirt…”A time to make friends”

    I concur, it’s about time for kate to make some friends.

    Ps. The Fanny Pack is quite amusing. 🙂

  3. Dude I’m loving that the world’s slimmest girl has a good six chins on her! That’s definitely making something out of nothing right there! 🙂

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