Oh the shame…

I pulled up at the petrol station, my big blue beast desperate for some fuel. Or maybe it wasn’t – my petrol gauge has the uncanny ability to move from half full to totally empty in a matter of minutes, leaving me freaking out and desperate to reach a petrol pump. Regardless, there I was at my local Shell, merrily filling my tank.

The place was packed, row upon row of thirsty vehicles. A big white 4WD pulled up behind me. Out from the driver’s seat jumped a guy, a little scruffy around the edges but all smiles with a big friendly face.

“Excuse me miss, that’s my girlfriend sitting in the car and she’s in pain and we are in a bit of a rush to get to the doctors. Do you mind moving your car into that park before paying, just speeding things up a bit for us?” he asked hopefully.

“Yeah no worries!” I responded, watching the little numbers on the pump flash higher and higher. Satisfied I now had enough petrol to get around for the next few days, I removed the petrol hose, screwed the cap back on and closed the little petrol flap.

Now maybe I am somewhat insecure, but does anyone else feel a little self-conscious when you are filling up your car and thousands upon thousands of other drivers are waiting impatiently, possibly watching your every move?

I felt I was doing remarkable well – I hadn’t spent the last five minutes trying to unscrew the cap on the tank (it’s happened before, I just kept twisting that thing the wrong way), I hadn’t spill petrol on my shoes (yes, that’s also happened before) and I hadn’t unintentionally immobilised my car (last time that happened at a petrol station, I had already spent the morning locked inside the vehicle – many of you know that story already though!).

I was totally rockin it at filling my car, and on top of that, here I was being a good citizen and moving on to help this rushed and desperate couple.

And then….Things took an embarassing turn for the worse when, after opening the car door and sliding gracefully into my seat, an overwhelming sense of horror rose from the depths of my being. You see, I hadn’t made it far enough around the car to get into the drivers seat, oh no, instead I now found myself sitting comfortably in the backseat of my beautiful blue beasty baby.

Head hung in shame, I slowly opened the back door, moved up the side of the car and slid into the front seat. Though I didn’t dare look around, I was sure the thousands of other drivers waiting in line were wetting themselves with amusement. One brief glance in the rear view mirror confirmed it all – the ‘in-pain-girlfriend’ was shaking in fits of laughter, tears streaming down her face. Oh the shame!


8 thoughts on “Oh the shame…

  1. Oh, I thought this was going to be about you getting mistakenly arrested for attempting to do a runner.

    Disappointing. Funny stuff though.

  2. That is hilarious! I thought it might be the ‘mistakenly busted for not paying’ ending as well, but was gleefully and compassion-fill-ed-ly suprised to find it was even funnier!!

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