Alrighty people, hands up if you are indecisive..

If your hand is down and you know you definitely aren’t, you can stop reading. If your hand is raised, you can probably stop reading too.

I’m talking to everyone else who still can’t make up their mind. If the voices in your head are still asking, “Me? Am I really indecisive or not?’ then do not stop reading. Do not close this page. Do not pass Go and most definitely do not collect your $200. You won’t be making a decision on how to spend it any time soon anyway.

I can be indecisive. I am well aware of this fact, have been proud of it even. I mean, what’s so good about being able to make a decision anyway? Some people revel in their ability to make up their mind and stick to their guns. I’ve not been that person and for the most part, I’ve been okay with that. Not today. Not after a small situation I witnessed. I am wishing every indecisive tendency out of my body. I have wholly and 100% decided to be totally decisive…for fear I turn out like this lady..

In one hand was a pink photo album, in the other, blue. I passed her ever so quickly in the Target stationary eisle, scurrying around myself for the perfect notebook. As I entered the next row of merchandise, I could hear her thinking aloud. The pro’s and con’s for each were mulled over. Umms and Ahhhs were punctated by drawn out Hmmms. She asked the opinion of her friend.

‘That’s strange’, I thought. I hadn’t seen her shopping partner. I came round the corner again, back into her eisle. There was no shopping partner, no mother or sister figure, no helpful friend giving advice. This Miss Indecision was standing squarely infront of her own baby, photo albums displayed, hopeful look on her face. ‘So pink or blue? What do you think?’ The infant looked blankly at her mum, too young to talk let alone make a informed decision about an album. Maybe the kid blinked twice, or rolled her eyes to the right, as the mother gushed ‘Pink?? You think pink?? Really? Why?’ The baby gurgled and the mother launched into round two of Pros and Cons.

I ditched Target, headed to Borders, perused the Notebook collection just once and bought two lovely black notebooks. No mulling over page size, cover decoration or prices. I found what I liked and bought it straight away. Friends, this is the new decisive me. Hello, nice to meet you.


5 thoughts on “Indecisions

  1. OH tell me your secrets of being decisive oh Wise and Wonderful Laura…. now you’ve gone to the Other Side, I am officially the most indecisive person in the world.

  2. @Will – I’m lucky this new decisiveness struck just after my bank balance has nosedived. Jewellery stores, travel agents, shoes…oh how many wonderful decisions I could be making.
    @Bec – glad that someone as great as you has now taken the title 🙂 As for Wise and Wonderful Laura, I like it. I’d even let you shorten it to WWL if you like!

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