The Second Sunday Seven…

This week’s favourite things…

1. Tradespeople. Particularly Ken, Daniel and Jim.


2. Uni! To you full-time-worker-types, four months of holiday probably sounds rather glorious. It is, and oh it was, but now its over and I’m glad to be back into something that mildly resembles routine.

3. Kristine Mueller – ‘St Francis’. Actually the whole album is worth listening too – thank you Jessica and Timothy!

4. Jessica and Timothy! For introducing me to more good music. And for singing the Lion King Intro to me over the phone. And for just being cool kids.

5. Using people’s full names. E.g. – Jessica and Timothy! Hmmm..Greenwood overload?

6. Good blogs and good blogging friends. A shout-out to Ps Jim’s blog (read it!). A big welcome to Will’s Darfur Diary (read it!). And this week’s top recommendation – Sarah Starrenburg (read it!) . Woah! Lots of wise words, intriguing thoughts, inspiring insights.

7. My Mum. Earlier, she was making owl noises just to hear the echo in our semi-empty living room. Now she is chanting the alphabet in Italian. Oh the eccentricity!



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