Review: ‘Chanel’

Did you know that Coco Chanel had a somewhat secret rags-to-riches story that she did everything she could to cover up?

Did you know that she was part of a secret WW2 operation in which she basically kidnapped an old acquaintance and escaped to Spain?


All in all, this was a  really good read – history, fashion, culture and great writing rolled into one. Though I will admit, it did take a bit of perserverance to get through! I think that was partly due to my dreadful short term memory, so I kept mixing up important characters and storylines that were weaved throughout…

However, I was really glad to have read it when I finally finished and feel I know a little bit more about the often-but-certainly-not-always-frivolous world of fashion. I was also really inspired by Coco . Despite all her flaws, she always believed in herself and regardless of the circumstances she found herself in, she perserved and really achieved a great many things in her lifetime.


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