Tweeting and Twoting..

I’ve recently entered a new relationship with a lovely little site called Twitter. Some of you may know him, a nice guy really, talks too much sometimes, but often comes out with some classic little gems.

Of course, I’m still in a committed relationship with WordPress. I don’t see why either should be jealous of each other. WordPress is my full-length friend, always there for ramble. My relationship with Twitter, on the other hand, serves a completely different purpose – a listening ear for random 140-character outbursts, happy to hear quick tibbits of my day but not really committed to sitting through big D&Ms. Both are aware of each other’s existence, both co-exist rather peacefully, both know I’m committed to them for their particular purpose.

Or am I?

Enter Tmblr. He caught my eye this morning, a bit of technological eye candy. We didn’t even talk, just a lot of eyeing each other off. I don’t know anything of his personality, his character, his goals, dreams and aspirations, how he treats his mum. But oh, he is pretty.

This is where things got a little complicated. Unable to stay quiet about my heart-fluttering experience with this lovely-looking Tumblr, I confessed all to dear Twitter. Twitter doesn’t have as much to worry about, given that Tumblr is blogging platform, albeit that favours shorter mixed-media posts. Tumblr doesn’t even really like lots of talking, short outbursts or not. Oh no, he’s all about looking pretty and showing off photos, videos and other online discoveries.


However, clearly Twitter felt a little bit threatened by Tumblr. Maybe because Tumblr could technically fall into the microblogging category that Twitter has reigned over in recent times. Or maybe he was being loyal to his old pal WordPress. Either way, he broke the news to my long-term blogging friend. Oh no! I braced myself for an all out argument, for shouting and arm waving, slammed doors and tearful accusations.

And you know what? It turns out WordPress (or actually markjquith, lead developer of Wordpress and WordPress consultant) was most forgiving. He’s obviously well-versed in handling the pressure of a serious relationship, and rather than swinging punches, he opted for some good old communication. Talk it out, chat it through, discuss feelings and emotions and all of that oooey gooey relationship stuff.



Will Tumblr make his move and break up Laura+Wordpress?

Will Laura ever learn that Twitter is not a secret-keeper?

Will WordPress’ good ole communicating strategy win back his girl?

Folks, tune in next week to see what happens in the complicated life of Laura and her online loves.


8 thoughts on “Tweeting and Twoting..

  1. WordPress is like Milton Friedman to Tumblr’s Andy Warhol. Come over to the dark side.

    That whole twitter thing scares me though.

  2. best blog i’ve read in ages, you’ve trumped SCL. only probalem, i’m a bit worried, i’ve been seeing twitter a bit too. dind’t know twitter was a he…

  3. Well if twitter has been cheating on me with you (I don’t even know how that works haha), then I think he has no right to get up in arms over Tumblr. Man, social networking sites and all their petty jealousies….

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