On an unrelated note…

About a week ago, my underarm glands were up – little lumps under my arm! A few days later, I woke up with a very stiff, very sore neck. And then yesterday, my head pounded and my throat hurt as I battled with a cold (we are still waging war…) Normally I wouldn’t be so forthcoming on the status of my health, but sharing is caring, right guys?

On a completely unrelated note, about a fortnight ago, Kate’s underarm glands were up. A few days later, she woke up with a very stiff, very sore neck. And then not long after, her head pounded and her throat hurt as she battled with a cold. Four days later, guess who had chickenpox?

I know. Crazy right? We both get the same symptoms. How often does that happen?! You’d think something contagious was floating round our house………….oh wait……crap…..oh no…..uh oh…..

I’m spot-free…for now.



2 thoughts on “On an unrelated note…

  1. so not related, i had a wry neck before anything, and if your neck was that bad you would be in tears! so your ‘sore’ neck couldnt have been THAT sore! and then the lump things came up which have nothing to to with your glands btw there just there or anything to do with my chicken pox. however your cold .. maybe?

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