An early morning update…

this will make for a very pathetic blog post but here’s a little update into my world atm:

  1. No spots. I think I dodged the bullet. Have developed a rather raspy man voice instead, very attractive.
  2. Am rather enjoying my latest little email subscription – The Foreign Policy Morning Brief. A very brief but good overview of world politics that actually arrives in my inbox very late at night. Saves wasting precious hours of my day searching news sites for the big stories.
  3. Wasting precious hours of my day searching news sites for the big stories, in an attempt at ‘legitimate’ procrastination.
  4. Eating through Dad’s birthday chocolates, already have my eye on the remaining supplies of cooking chocolate should this little stash run out anytime soon…
  5. Am throwing any fashion sense I might possess out the window and embracing these pants for the rest of winter. Who needs skinny jeans and tights when you’ve got this blue monstrosity to keep you warm.



2 thoughts on “An early morning update…

  1. haha aren’t they dreadful! they are actually like an all in one overall style thing – sit up under your arms and you might be able to make out the straps on the side. to be worn over tights and leotard in chilly dance studios. i dont think i’ll be leaving the privacy of my own home (and blog!) in them though 😛

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