Relationship status

So it turns out that tumblr was just a pretty face – wordpress and Laura continue on strong. And don’t be fooled, this is not just a relationship of convenience. Laura is very happy with wordpress… especially now she’s found a theme with a customisable header. However, despite asserting her decisiveness not too long ago, Laura is undecided if she’ll stick with this theme or go back to the beloved three-column baby that’s been so good to her so far. Any thoughts?

Laura would also like to add that she thinks she sounds a bit ridiculous constantly referring to herself in the third person. Ahhhhh, if only Laura could stop it…


6 thoughts on “Relationship status

  1. Yup, stick with this theme. Far more readable and consistent in terms of formatting. Plus I can’t remember if your old layout had serif fonts. But I like serif fonts. Personally, I’m sticking with Tumblr — let’s me be somewhat more trivial than wordpress: when I had a wordpress, I felt that everything I wrote had to be challenging and insightful. Which is clearly difficult for me.

  2. i liked the 3 column theme better. it was a bit different, not many ppl use it, i didn’t think it detracted from the readability at all. I’d say go back to it

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