And then one thing led to another..

We’ve all done it.

Maybe in an attempt to procrastinate an impending deadline, to cure boredom, to occupy a few hours of our time. Regardless, I’m sure you know how it goes…

One moment you are checking facebook for a personal message from a  friend. The message might be full of purpose – to organise a lunch date, for example. And then you see the profile of an old friend. Click on profile. Click on Photos. Click on photo of cute kid. ‘Aww, cute. Oh look, rude comment from a random’. Click on random’s profile. Notice their quiz obsession. Fill out said quiz yourself.

One thing leads to another and you end up reading the wall-to-wall of your neighbour’s best friend’s boyfriend’s sister, and your co-worker’s wife’s cousin’s hairdresser. You think you might have met them once anyhow. Or at least seen them in a photo on Myspace. Which leads to..’Oh Myspace! Haven’t checked that in awhile’. And so it all begins again…

Every once in awhile, one of the readers of this blog searches ‘Laura and Friends’. That makes sense, given the title of this blog. However the other day someone searched ‘tights pants’. And ended up here. How do I know this? Because I’m psychic. So’s your mum. Oh and WordPress tells me so in my Stats section.

To be honest, I don’t remember ever writing about tights or pants. My curiosity piqued, I entered ‘tights pants’ into Google. I then clicked through 35 pages of search results (my pathetic demise begins). Zip zero nada. No mention of my blog. Clearly someone was even more lame than I, and must have just kept clicking through those results pages.

However, I couldn’t just leave my cyber wanderings there. I clicked through one of the results (my pathetic demise continues). Which then lead to another site. Which then led to a news page. Which then led to this story…

‘Plane passenger ‘caught with pigeons in tights’

Yes, it brings new meaning to the term ‘budgie smugglers’, but it’s ten times better than the wall-to-wall of your neighbour’s best friend’s boyfriend’s sister’s co-worker’s wife’s cousin’s hairdresser.




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