Books I’ve been reading lately…

  1. The Sea – John Banville. Didn’t like it at all, pushed on for a few more chapters and things weren’t getting better so I called it quits. His unique writing style is full of lovely lyrical descriptions – not so obvious that you feel the author has used a dictionary to insert an adjective in front of each word, but enough that the writing itself takes on a delightful personality. But content wise, I was lost and totally uninterested. Oh well…there are plenty more books in the sea…
  2. This Place Will Become Home: Refugee Repatriation to Ethiopia – Laura C. Hammond. It caught my eye when I was researching something much less interesting and has proven itself a good read thus far (yet to finish). Based on her anthropological field research, Hammond explores the process of repatriation and the way in which communities reconstruct life ‘back home’ – often in an area of their country quite different from the one they first fled. It’s the kind of academic book I actually enjoy reading through!
  3. Decision Making and the Will of God – Garry Friesen. A bit of an oldie (1960s) but a goodie. An exploration of this whole idea of the ‘will of God’. It’s challenging my ideas, but basing it all on sound Biblical principles, and I must admit, I’m really liking what it is saying!
  4. The Palestine-Israel Conflict: A Basic Introduction – Gregory Harms. Partly necessitated by an impending group essay on Israeli foreign policy, partly due to a real interest in attempting to understand at least aspects of this remarkably complex and overwhelmingly horrific conflict. Coming in at only 182 pages, and written for the everyday person, this has been a very clear and concise resource that has made wading through pages upon pages of scholarly articles a little bit easier.
  5. Streets of Hope: Finding God in St Kilda – Tim Costello. Okay, to be honest, I’ve only read the introduction and part of the first chapter thus far. Already I know I am going to like this book – anything by this particular Costello is of great interest! I don’t know much about his pre-World Vision days, so looking forward to burying my nose into this book. And now if you are good, I might even share a bit of a review post-read.

Hmmmm. Reflecting on this list, I think I need to find myself something light and funny, a good romance novel perhaps? Recommendations anyone?


One thought on “Books I’ve been reading lately…

  1. Neither of these can be classed as light, funny or romantic… but have you read The Book Thief? Or The Time Traveler’s Wife is good too – it’s serious and deep but based on a love story, it’s actually one of my favourite books. Both have a supernatural element but the people and the stories are so real… that makes a good book IMO. (Or a true story…but neither of these are true stories!!)

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