Generous J

He’s not just quick quips and intelligent banter – it would appear that my brother is also rather artistic! Check out his Grade Nine pencil drawing of Clint Eastwood.


Actually J has been very generous lately. First it was some stickers that he’d locked away in a special briefcase in Middle School, then it was the drawing above. Just before, he walked in and offered me all his First Second and Third ribbons from primary athletics days (yes, I am realising this is probably all motivated by the desire to clean his room of junk  than shower his favourite big sister with gifts).

And now he is back again with movie stubs. Lord of the Rings 1, Lord of the Rings 2, Lord of the Rings 3. Oh and Lizzie MacGuire.  Insert little chuckle here.


2 thoughts on “Generous J

  1. Whaoh!!! (Yes, I know I misspelt that onomatopoeia)
    That’s an awesome drawing, I don’t understand why he’s covered in budgies though…

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