If you are a fellow notebook addict, you are probably aware that Moleskines currently lead the notebook popularity contest. But I’d like to challenge all you black-leather-bound-book-lovers to consider a new kid on the block – Paperblanks. Actually, they’ve been around for a good 20 years now – regardless, they most definitely worth your attention!

Practical? Yes. Good quality? Yes. Exquisite design? Yes. But you know what I love most? The fact that a Paperblank notebook is more than just a pretty face.


Paperblanks support a multitude of environmental and social causes, are committed to the arts and fund scholarships for individuals pursuing their passion in literature, design, music and dance through international study. It’s like all my favourite things wrapped up into one beautifully-bound book.

My current Paperblanks notebook features art and words by Frida, a famous artist with a very remarkable story (remind me to blog about her one day!). I made the purchase in Borders one afternoon, and while the notebooks aren’t super expensive, given the dismal state of my bank account, it very nearly sent me broke. But oh it was worth it!

Of course, the real reason that I am telling you all this is that I have a very serious notebook addiction (6 currently in use, another 22 archived on my bookshelf). And in not all that many days (56 to be exact), I am turning 21. There we go – a perfect gift idea for all of you who have spent hours agonising over the perfect gift to get me. You can thank me for the suggestion in my birthday card.


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