Emily answers…

What inspired thought is currently inspiring your thinking?


“Father, it seems that sometimes I can’t help but feel inadequate to Your love. That my words and thoughts and praise are but faint-hearted whispers, like birds organizing the flock in distant skies. The mountains in their majesty, the starlit depth above, the canyons and valleys of the earth seems to have a justifiable notion of praise and in comparison I am but a whimper under the earth’s breath.

But God, the mountains are silenced with reverance, the valleys stillness is broken only by the fauna thats scrummage the floors below, these monumental feats of wonder sit in bewilderment, that my voice may be heard by my God, the creator of it all. That I’d be that important. That all of it was created for my pleasure that I would look on it in amazement, and give glory to my God.

You are the creator, You are the God I serve.”

Answer from the gorgeous Emily – words by her wise boyfriend Sam. When Sam gets his first publishing gig, I think Em should get credit for leaking this to the press. I’ll be very honoured to have been the first to publish it.


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