Andrew + Steph answer..

What inspired thought is currently inspiring your thinking?

I was told the other day that I dream too much and that I need to live the dream not just dream the dream! We all have hopes, dreams and a desired vision for the future – the question is, do we actually live it out in our everyday life? I am challenged to continually wake myself up to the reality that I must start living the dream to one day see it come true!

Answer from my dear friend Andrew, who shared the Timor experience with me and is now passionate about raising awareness and inspiring change to make Indigenous poverty history.


The quote that has been inspiring me for several years now was one made by William Wilberforce- Let it never be said that I was silent when they needed me’. The fact that almost a third of the world’s population earn a smaller income than my vending machine at work is something that I find difficult to ignore. The issue of poverty and injustice is a problem that our generation needs to step up and fight against- we can’t continue to use the excuse that poverty is ‘an entire ocean away’! We don’t want to grow older and realise that we should have used our skills, our voices and our compassion to help those who truly needed us.

Answer from the amazing Steph, World Vision Youth Ambassador 07, current VGen Qld Director, full time uni student, and all-round babe.


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