Black, White and Colour

Most of the art I’ve put up so far has been from the archives – old art diarys, highschool assignments and so on. A few things have been from more recent times, but even today’s addition is from about a year ago –  a portrait of my sister. Hmmm, might need to get back into the swing of things again soon!


I drove past a handpainted sign on the side of the road this afternoon – Less Consumption, More Creation. It got me thinking about creativity and how, in our consumption driven lifestyles, it can sometimes be really hard to take the time out to create something ourselves – to labour through the first, second and third try, using our own creative talents to produce  something that’s beautiful or challenging or abstract or  inspiring or out there or realistic or meaningful.

One very creative individual who is currently inspiring me to get out the paintbrushes and pencils is Kat Macleod – an Australian illustrator of Michi Girl fame. Here are some of my favourites..




all images by kat macleod, from Michi Girl


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