Did you know?

New Zealand ranks 34th, 26th and 38th on the 2008 IMF, World Bank and CIA List of Countries by GDP per capita, respectively.

Israel ranks 31st, 27th and 37th on those same lists.

Economically, the U.S. provides roughly $3.5 billion or 40% of its total aid annually to Israel, along with reduced trade tariffs and open access to the U.S. market (Policy Almanac 2008: 11; Bard and Pipes 1997).

A rather interesting fact from last week’s big essay!


2 thoughts on “Did you know?

  1. crazy hey – esp. considering the US is one of the lowest aid giving OECD nations, when considering aid as % of GDP. So they don’t give a lot, but even what the do give, 40% goes to a very wealth nation (by world standards!). But then, maybe this could be a good – thinking back to Sar’s post on Dead Aid!

    The stat came from a section of a group essay, a section I didn’t write so not 100% sure, but defence and military tech is a big area from memory!

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