Introducing EmilyJeffersonAeroplane

I always get very excited to see another friend join the world of blogging. I get all sparkly on the inside, add their blog to my blogroll and loyally commit to regularly checking for new posts. I’m a very loyal blog checker-er, sometimes too loyal if my procrastination routine requires. But seriously, a new blog is almost like Christmas in my eyes.

So, a big huge and oh-so-excited welcome to EmilyJeffersonAeroplane, the latest and greatest from the gorgeous Emily. Add two two cups of amazing art, one tablespoon of witty words, sprinkled with delightful charm and this is what you get. I am so looking forward to see this blog grow!


Toddle over her way, have a little look-see and leave her some commenty-love. Oh and on that note, I’m always up for some commenty-love myself!


3 thoughts on “Introducing EmilyJeffersonAeroplane

  1. Oh laura laura! I was actually quite curious as to why my statistics were hitting a very high number for today and then I saw your lovely lovely plug! you’re the best x

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