Sarah answers..

What inspired thought is currently inspiring your thinking?

I have been inspired lately not by a thought but by an image – the crossroads scene at the end of the movie ‘Castaway’.


I think it’s so easy to forget that we live, largely, the lives of our choosing. We can feel like, in this area or that, we aren’t ready to set out on our ‘real’ journey, the one we dream of living, until…

I love Charles Shultz’s (Snoopy cartoonist extraordinaire!) quote – “Start doing your great things right away.”

There are no ‘shoulds‘, or ‘if onlys‘, or ‘one days‘ – there is only the one life we each get. It’s not about the ‘right‘ path – as if there’s only one. It’s about choosing – really, intentionally choosing.

Consciously see the juncture of paths, in the big and little things – paths without either certainty or limit – and choose – for yourself. Then go!

I really love this response from  Sarah, she is as wise as she is gorgeous! Intentionally choose now to visit her blog, then go!


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