May 29

So about a fortnight ago I announced to the world that I would be posting every day, SO BE CHECKING L & F REGULARLY! I’d gone through a bit of a hiatus beforehand – not much was inspiring me, I was short on time and, most remarkably, I hadn’t manage to meet my usual quota of embarassing / silly / random incidents. No petrol station blunders, no black nail polish spiders, no online romance.

Anyhow, suddenly inspiration flowed like the proverbial river and I’ve had a lot of fun posting some more art, good music, random thoughts and little internet discoveries. However you may have noticed (the whole five of you that read this), that a new post did not appear yesterday! I kinda half forgot / had a very very very busy day / got caught up in finishing a drawing and gorging myself on sesame snaps (new addiction!). So today you get two posts, and this second one is jam packed.

sesame snaps

Firstly – Ben Quilty. OH MY. After finishing a really horrendous statistics assignment yesterday and then consuming another packet of seasame snaps on the ridiculously lush UQ lawns, I decided to take a peek in the UQ Art Gallery. Now lets be honest here – I love UQ and have been quite vocal about its merits (and undeniable superiority!) in the past – but we’re not exactly known for our creative arts program. So my expectation levels were remarkably low as I entered the huge glass building and gave my laptop and handbag over to the receptionist dude.

But then – WOW. The current exhibition is a range of Ben Quilty’s paintings and they are really fantastic. He’s Australian and his art is remarkably masculine (the little blurb about him on the wall even said so). But it’s true – sometimes art gallery art seems overly feminine in a way I can’t really even put my finger on. But not this!



images from

I love the colours he uses and the way the paint is slathered on the canvas so thickly. I had to restrain myself from getting up close and running my fingers along the paint – the texture addes an incredible boldness to his work. And he has some interesting things to say about life and culture and Australian history. A guy painting masculine art about Aussie history? Yeah I guess that description wouldn’t usually make me run to the art gallery, but definitely worth checking out if you get the chance.

The other delight I want to share with you is actually another incredible artist – Eveline Tarunadjaja. Born in Indonesia, now living in Melbourne, her lovely little drawings have been inspiring some black pen action out of me (might share when I finish things off) . Romantic, delicate, quirky and unique, her work is gorgeous!



images from

In other news, I have had the laziest day (but very well earnt after approx 8000 words of assessment and a killer time with stats!). All I’ve done? Pack for camp, bought one of Jeremy’s shirts off him and now updated my blog. Oh, and been listening to Amazing by Kayne West. On repeat, because its amazing. Yes ha, I am that lame.

Now, a weekend at the Sunshine Coast is calling my name, so until next week, adios amigos



2 thoughts on “May 29

  1. I tried sesame snaps, I really did give it a good effort. But the fact that they don’t separate and just sit there stuck together like some congenial anomaly. yeek…

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