A smile to my face…

A few things that have made me smile these past few days..

On Tuesday, it was the kids at Connections (women’s group at church). There is something utterly delightful about watching gorgeous little girls chase around gorgeous little boys, who are doing all they can to escape the sloppy wet kisses they know the little girls are desperate to plant on them. Awww.

On Wednesday, it was my evening bus trip home. First, it was the driver’s kindness, or possibly a lack of change – we all got a free bus trip home! Unfortunately I’d bought a daily ticket that morning, but hey, its the thought that counts!

Then it was the very vocal, possibly intoxicated, Maroons supporters who cheered their way onto the bus, cheered through the city, through the suburbs and cheered right off when we finally arrived at their stop. I wisely kept the truth about my place of birth under wraps… and after the game last night, I guess its probably worth not mentioning it at all…

The other funny bus moment was a good round of eavesdropping. Here’s what I heard from my seat…

Phone rings. Male answers. Laughter. Staight away launches into impassioned conversation “OH I know!… Yeah its unbelievable!… I finally managed to track it down!… No way!!?…. Really?!!

Yeah, I was dying to know what exactly was being talked about. And then…

“Well I was going to, but after the enchantress attacked, the health of my goblins is so much more important.”

Come again?!

Today’s smile-worthy moment took place in my evening Spanish class. We were revising a bunch of verbs from last year’s class, and had to list in order what we do during the day. My sentences were rather boring – yo me levanto ( I get up), yo me ducho ( I shower), yo me seco el pelo (I dry my hair) and so on. One of my class mates went through a similar list – there was something about going for a swim, cleaning the house and eating lunch. But OH the look on my teacher’s face when, in perfect Spanish and unbelievable sincerity, my class mate announced that every day he also visits his parol officer.

Pure gold.


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