Things I Love Today

FASHION – Miss at la playa

A fashion blog that I feel is entirely education, therefore justifying daily visits, as she blogs in both Spanish and English. The fact that it has been weeks since I’ve actually read the Spanish version is besides the point. Lots of gorgeous visual inspiration.


Actually, I think it was a post on Miss at la playa that first got me hooked on Arch Daily. Here’s a few favourites..

Tama Art University Library in Tokyo, by Iwan Baan

Tama Art University Tokyo

House Gross in Switzerland, by EM2N


And this would be really hard to take – House on the Andes, by Juan Carlos Doblado

House on the Andes

MUSIC – Hillsong United ‘Tear Down the Walls’

I got so wrapped up in listening to this mighty CD one the way to uni last night that I may have been honked at for not going at a green light and could have possibly mounted the curb at one stage . I guess what I’m trying to say is, the more traffic accidents I almost cause, the better the CD must be!


THOUGHT – Faith is the ability not to panic.


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