The Book

If you’ve been around me and my beautiful blogging friends Emily and Steffany for long enough, I am quite certain you will have heard about ‘The Book’. You might not have had a clue what we were talking about, but I’m sure you’ve heard it mentioned.

‘The Book’ has been one of my favourite little projects ever. The basic ingedients? An A3 art diary, three friends, a book rotation and a lot of creative inspiration – poetry, diary entries, magazines, photos, art, lyrics (and the list goes on…)

Now ‘The Book’ was not with out its rules. One, that we wouldn’t tell anyone about it. Two, that we wouldn’t show anyone any part of it. Three, that we would keep it going, swapping it every few weeks for another person to pop in a new entry. Clearly, in writing this post I’ve violated number one. Emily broke number two by posting two photos on EmilyJeffersonAeroplane. And Steff? Well she’s pretty blameless, though I do believe the last rotation left this precious diary in her hands, and to be honest, we’ve all be pretty responsible in letting it die.

Anyhow here’s a little glimpse into one of my entries…








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