Wednesday June 10

A little giggle when I did finally get up this morning – closer to 8am than 7:30am I will admit

bathroom mirror

My new wardrobe doors


A little sketch from last week

girl sketch

Gorgeous girls at Create Night tonight

rosh laura rach2

And last but not least, tuning in to ‘Ma Mélodie‘ by Mathieu Chedid…

J’aimerais trouver les mots / Les mots justes, les mots qu’il faut / Tous les mots sont démodés / Tu sais / Alors j’écris, je cherche encore / Le mot vrai, le mot plus fort / J’ai l’impression qu’j’trouverai jamais / C’est vrai / Je sèche comme tu vois

I would like to find the words / The right words, the words that are needed / All words are out of style / You know / So I’m writing, I’m still searching for / The right word, the stronger word / I have the feeling I’ll never find it / It’s true / I draw a blank as you see


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