What animal are you?

One of my favourite classes in highschool was my Grade Ten SOSE class. We spent the entire year doing almost everything apart from the Grade Ten SOSE curriculum. We ditched oral preparations to discuss life and love and politics. We ditched the culture model to watch with the world as George Bush declared the war on Iraq . One of us even ditched the school uniform, and spent an entire lesson dressed in a ridiculous animal costume.

But one of the memories that remains clearest in my mind was the day we shared with each other what we thought they would be if they were a fruit, vegetable, animal etc.

I was a strawberry, asparagus and a swan. And to this day, I’ve always wondered why.

Another friend said I’d probably be a giraffe. My uncle always told me I reminded him of a stork (again, I couldn’t quite figure that one out). A range of online surveys have informed me I’m actually a Monkey, an Otter, Penguin or possibly even an Owl. I think I’d love to be a dolphin. Or a lioness. Yeah, that’d be pretty cool.

Funny though. You know what animal the Bible refers to us as?

A sheep.

Yeah, I know hey. Kinda takes the wind out of your sails.

Sheep smell funny, are a nightmare to control, aren’t the brightest creatures to walk the planet, and wander aimlessly around the field with bits of poo hanging off their woolie tails. Gross I know, but its true.

Which makes me wonder…


4 thoughts on “What animal are you?

  1. Oh man I scrolled hoping their was more! I like this blog, I hate it when I realize that its over for the day. Do really really huge big fat ones everynow and then just for me ok laulah? So I can scroll and scroll and it will never be over! I think your Sose class was right though, you’re a swan. defiantely a swan.

  2. because im procrastinating i did 4 animal tests, you know what.
    apparently a chameleon ( which was actually spelled cameleon), a sea lion, a bumble bee and a monkey. i think that makes me a chamliobeeonkey?

  3. probably actually a sea chamliobeeonkey, a slightly different species I believe..

    And Em, I’ll get cracking on a big fat one just for you xx

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