New Room

A tree fell on my roof. My ceiling began to collapse. Multiple items of furniture were removed, and subsequently moved all around the house. After too many early morning visits by too many tradesmen, plus a few months of processing old junk to bring it back in, my room is finally complete. And I’ve finally cleaned it up enough that it’s worthy of camera-inspection. Sorry I didn’t make my bed.


The doors used to be covered in quite the rainbow of photos, artwork and other clippings. I wasn’t too fond on the black and white at first, to be honest. But how it has grown on me. I’m forever ripping magazines to shreds, collecting new images to add to my own little gallery.


Twelve little bottles of perfume, sitting on a bookshelf. Didn’t realise the camera would pick up so much of the dust that has also gathered there – oops!


I guess I can’t go calling this the bookshelf – shoeshelf, bagshelf perhaps? One should note the magazine collection on the top right. I calculated its $440 worth of magazines right there – had I saved it I might have been able to actually buy one of the ridiculously expensive items that featured in their glossy pages.

Next shelf down you might be able to a black photo frame – one of my favourite birthday presents ever! A little collection of photos of me and my favourite redhead James.

As for the books, I’d be recommending Rachel’s Tears, The Notebook, Mere Christianity, A Thousand Splendid Suns, A Little Princess and Moving Mountains. That chunky blue one bottom right,¬† Anna Karenina, sits silently and mocks me for not completing its pages. One day, one day.


A gorgeous book on Shoes from the gorgeous girl named Steffany. A book on Picasso, my favourite artist. I know he is such a cliche favourite artist, but I just can’t help it. Influence by MK and A, another beautiful coffee table book. And a photo of the Eiffel Tower my mum took when she was there in her 20s. A reminder that one day I shall visit as well.


Black frames – $4 from Target. Artwork all freebie postcards I’ve picked up around the place, and a photo of one of my darling Liberian munchkins.


And lastly, my desk. A Designing Women postcard (that all you girls need to come along to!). A print I did in Grade Ten of the Eiffel Tower. A random couple that just looked so cute and in love I had to tear them out of the comfort of their glossy magazine and post them up on my wall. A photo of me and my Dad at the park about 17 years ago. Some tissues. My glasses case. A funny little bottle of sand from Dubai that I accidently smuggled into Australia. And a collection of quotes. My favourite…

We were created to live by faith, not fear. God-sized assignments require God-sized faith, grace and power. Live large. Take risks for God!

– From Christine Caine’s Twitter.


4 thoughts on “New Room

  1. to make it look even better, you should’ve taken a photo of it now, in fact before renovations and after .. you wouldnt know which is which! hmmm

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