There is a big fat gorgeous cloud right outside my window. It’s beautiful in this incredibly majestic way. An aeroplane just flew by it and seriously, it looked like a tiny paperclip up against a big whiteboard. The sheer size of this cloud leaves me awestruck.

By the time I went and got my camera, another cloud had come along. My big fat cloud is a pretty friendly old chap, so they became friends. That’s why there are two clouds in the photo. I wish the plane hadn’t flown by so fast, because it would give some idea of the scale of these beauties. But no, he was rushing about, so busy trying to get stuff done he didn’t have time to pose in my photo, or befriend the big fat cloud.


Sometime I think us human beings get a bit like the teeny tiny paperclip aeroplane. We rush and we rush and we don’t stop to just chat and hang out and make friends. Hanging out and making friends though, that is beautiful. Especially if it’s a big fat cloud friend.

Speaking of big and fat, I had a beautiful moment with my five-year old Sudanese student. We spend Monday afternoons together with another tutor and his two sisters and one brother.  Last Monday, I was reading a beautiful story called Koala Lou and we were all getting very good at reciting ‘Koala Lou, I do love you!’ When Koala Lou was born, all the other Australian animals came to say hello. Pointing at the Emu, my beautiful little student asked ever so earnestly, ‘What’s that big fat chicken doing?’ It was almost as beautiful as the time he asked us for a ‘huggle’, mixing up ‘hug’ and ‘cuddle’ in a way that only a five-year-old ESL student can.

One night we had a birthday party. We all made cakes and all sung and all blew out the candles. It was a lot of fun until the sugar high hit and we had three crazy children on our hands.

One night we had a birthday party. We all made cakes and all sung and all blew out the candles. It was a lot of fun until the sugar high hit and we had three crazy children on our hands.

Tutoring with a family of refugees is beautiful. You should think about getting involved – check the St Vinnies tutoring website.

I think Anne Hathaway is beautiful. Really really beautiful, in fact. I know it’s the ‘grass is always greener on the other side’ thing, but I’ve lived most of my life as a blue-eyed, blonde hair girl who thinks the really beautiful people have thick black eye lashes, long locks of luscious dark hair and big brown eyes to powder up with dark eye shadow.



Don’t get me wrong though. I’m remarkably comfortable in my own skin. To find beauty in your own face, your own body, your own being, isn’t the easiest thing for us girls. But try your very hardest to find the beauty you possess. Because its there, my friend. It’s so there.


You can tell when a girl knows her true beauty (which isn’t just a physical thing, by the way). She sparkles. She glows. She’s like a diamond under light, or a candle gently illuminating a room.

And a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle – James Keller.

I think that is a beautiful thought.



photo credit –

Anyhow, back to Anne. I think she is gorgeous. Even in a paper bag. Or goofing off with some well-placed cupcakes.

My friend PC really likes cupcakes. But maybe it’s a bit awkward saying that just now, you know, with the photo of Anne and her cupcakes above. Sorry PC.

He has been helping me build my nandoes flag collection. We’ve been collecting for about a year but it doesn’t look like we got that far. Our dedication and undying commitment to the cause, however – I think that’s beautiful.


Oh oh oh. You know who is really beautiful? My sister. Especially right at this moment – she’s fast asleep. And maybe she won’t be so beautiful when she wakes up and realises I’ve posted a picture of her sleeping, on a blog read by thousands (yes, my blog’s ego is over-inflated I know – egos aren’t beautiful).




Yes, she also has an unhealthy appetite for shoulders, and a great sense of humour. I didn’t even have to make her pose for this photo. I think that’s why a lot of people love her. Cause even though she is stunningly beautiful, she is very down to earth about it. She is gorgeous, inside and out.

I keep getting distracted, I know, but this is my last little tangent I promise. But speaking of insides, do you think these images are beautiful? I used them in my final artwork for Grade Twelve. The piece was a mixed media job, with a lot of layers and collage and black pen drawing but I just can’t seem to find any pictures of it. I do remember using these images to cut into lino and print in black and white.




They are images of HIV-infected cells. HIV is not beautiful, I know. But as an artist, I wanted to communicate something of this horrific virus in a way that people could connect to. And that was through art. Through beauty.

I think beauty connects us to a lot of things, just quietly.


6 thoughts on “Beautiful

  1. U beauty! Love it. Beauty is almost a topic of taboo sometimes. I think Gods holiness is his beauty. He is so attractive and irresistible. Constantly reinventing himself. So spotless and pure. Funny how holiness is usually associated with anything but beauty.

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