Inspiration // Obsession


Lyrics. Vocals. Imagery. EVERYTHING about this is just perfect.


My siblings can attest to the fact that, after watching Bend it Like Beckham multiple times one week, I soon became obsessed. So much so that one afternoon I headed outside with a soccer ball and a pair of runners and spent the afternoon dribbling the ball up and down our tiny backyard.

It was, by anyone’s judgement, a very pathetic sight indeed. I have severe limitations in the hand-eye-foot coordination department. My lack of strength is only outweighed by my lack of fitness – I’d probably score a negative number on a fitness test. And I cannot, for the life of me, move a ball (of any sporting code) from where I have it to where I want it to be.

In fact, the only redeeming aspect of the whole situation was that I have at least a little talent in looking cute in ‘sports wear’, a style I’ve rarely ever worn. But of course, that was all undone by the sweaty scarlet tones of my normally pasty pale cheeks. I hung up the runners and haven’t thought about my potential soccer career since.

And then, not so many months later, I got just obsessed over Blue Crush, the surfing/teen film with Kate Bosworth. Thankfully, I can swim. But laps up and down the pool on a (shame) boogie board proved once and again that I possess neither strength or fitness. Surfer chick I am not, nor will I ever be.

I guess the moral of the story is – choose very wisely what films you allow me to see for fear of my obsessive tendancies. I’ve purposely stayed away from the Lord of the Rings and The Matrix films. Can you imagine?


Australian Fashion Week.

14 ss


26 ss

Marnie Skillings

10 ss

Marnie Skillings

3 ss

Friedrich Gray

07 ss

Marnie Skillings

10 ss


21 ss

Marnie Skillings



I’m a die-hard winter fan, but oh, would love to take a little holiday in beautiful Croatia. Regular visits to the Lonely Planet site prove to be a wonderful study distraction.


Zaltni Rat beach on Brac Island


Old Town of Rovinj

credit Danny Lehman/CORBIS


‘Tis light makes colour visible: at night

Red, greene, and russet vanish from thy sight.

So to thee light by darkess is made known:

Since God has none, He, seeing all, denies

Himself eternally to mortal eyes.

From the dark jungle as a tiger bright,

Form from the viewless Spirit leaps to light.

– Rumi


Actually, back to Oren Lavie from the video above. I’ve spent the night listening to more of him online. Just beautiful, beautiful music.


2 thoughts on “Inspiration // Obsession

  1. Also love Oren Lavie. There’s a great one of his on a Narnia soundtrack.
    Great post Laura. xo

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