Clothes Swap

I gathered up my old stuff. Some old tops. A dress I stole from Kate that I was never going to fit into. A nice skirt that I just never wore.


And then I exchanged my items for purple buttons. One old item of clothing purchased one purple button. One purple button purchased somebody else’s old item of clothing.


Right away I saw these incredible shoes. It was love at first sight. Actually probably more a case of shoe lust. Whatever. I got very attached very quickly. I may have bared my teeth and snarled at any other girl who even looked like she was considering trying them on.


Suddenly browsing time was over and we were let loose. I grabbed the shoes. I got my purple buttons out. I paid for a gorgeous pair of good quality, hardly ever worn, size eight Sportsgirl heels with one purple button. Did you hear me? ONE PURPLE BUTTON.


Luckily, nobody else wanted them.

I must look really scary when I snarl.


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