The power of words amazes me.

Absolutely amazes me.

I think of who I am today, I think of the way I see the world, the way I see myself, the way I see my future. I’ve been so blessed to have people speak out words of encouragement over my life. People who will speak a future brighter than I can see for myself. People who, through their encouragement, have called out strength and courage and beauty and compassion, who have named traits in me I may not have recognised otherwise.

I think of how the way I speak about my life shapes my life. If I name this day a good day, if I get up in the morning and declare this day to be a blessing, a gift, a new opportunity, then this day will be a good day, a blessing, a gift, a new opportunity. Regardless of what life throws my way. This day is good.

I think of the way my words have affected those around me. I’ve watched people retreat, the light in their eyes dim if my words are harsh, or discouraging, or painfully insensitive. Those are the words that have a power I wish they did not contain. Those are the words I wish I could take back. Those are the words that should never be spoken.

But I’ve also seen tired, timid souls grow tall and stand strong when a gentle word, a kind word, a word of life is cast over them. The words that build up. The words that encourage. The words that I want to speak more often.

What are your words creating in your life? What are your words building up in the lives of those around you?

I love Amena Brown’s words. Her ability to communicate truth in poetry is both powerful and stirring. These are the words I need to let wash over my soul, time and time again.


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