Paper and Wool

One of the many things I am obsessed with is origami. Origami cranes especially. If I’m bored for any small amount of time, I often rip up a square of paper (or an envelope, or part of a receipt, or a napkin) and fold it up into a crane. It’s actually the only origami thing I can make, so you are rightly welcome to question the true extent of my origami obsession. But still. I would happily waste the day away and make a thousand origami cranes. It’s very therapuetic.

Even thought I don’t have my ears pierced and can’t actually wear them, I absolutely adore these origami elephant earrings from my grandma. The elephant is roughly the size of my thumbnail – it’s amazing!


Now I couldn’t show you my cool paper elephant without showing you my new wool animals. I bought these finger puppets at a fundraiser night for a clinic in South America – they are all handmade from Bolivia!



Turtle rabbit


I reasoned that they would be a great educational tool for my tutoring kids, or good to entertain tiny tots that sometimes visit our house. But secretly, I just wanted them all for myself. And now instead of sitting at home talking to myself when I work, I can have conversations with my wooly animal friends. Because that’s less crazy, right?




horse cow


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