I’m eating a bowl of icecream just now and contemplating life. My life. Your life. Life in general. It’s kinda funny actually. Not that I’m contemplating life, but that I’m eating icecream.


I only just had my morning shower about 20 minutes ago (it’s late in the afternoon now) because today has just been so chilly again and I really didn’t want to remove three layers of clothing and lose hours and hours of precious body heat. My teeth have been chattering away half the day. And now I choose icecream? Oh well.


Anyway, back to life. I have this plan in my head and it’s how I want my life to work out and it doesn’t really have too many specifics. I don’t have the perfect job all sorted, or the perfect house, or even the perfect country to live in. I remember talking to a friend once when we were very little and she had it all sorted – right down to her kids’ names and her future husband’s profession. Of course, I doubt her life will end up like that, and to have such a concrete plan in place seems really crazy to me. Though I do know some possible kids names. I think Gertrude is a classic that deserves recognition in the 21st century. Or maybe Ursula?


So my ‘life plan’ doesn’t have all the details and all the specifics. In fact it doesn’t really have any concrete or material aspects to it. It’s more about the kind of person I want to be. I want to be wise. I want to be gentle. I want to be beautiful, caring, honest, trustworthy.


I want to be the kind of neighbour that brings around casseroles just because (I guess that also means I want to be the kind of woman who can cook casseroles in the first place). I want to be the kind of friend that offers to babysit and not only watches the kids but folds your ironing too. I want to be the kind of mum that challenges her kids to a dance off. And wins.


There are a lot of things I want actually.


‘I want adventure in the great wide somewhere, I want it more than I can tell.’

I really like that line. It’s from Beauty and the Beast, when Belle twirls around in that blue dress of hers. There’s another song line that I’m liking at the moment:

‘I hope to lose myself for good, I hope to find it in the end. Not in me, in You, in You.’


It’s from You, by Switchfoot. I have it on the Walk to Remember soundtrack. It’s my favourite soundtrack ever. Even people who didn’t really like the film tend to like this soundtrack, it’s just so good. Of course, I liked the film a lot too. It’s romantic and sad, but still hopeful.


It’s totally a girlie film, where the bad boy falls for the good girl. I’ve always been the good girl, but I don’t know if I’m all that keen for a bad boy. Hehe, unless of course he was Shane West. What ever happened to him?

Actually, I’d probably turn Shane West down. I’m definitely more a good guy kinda girl.


Hmm. I didn’t actually plan to write anything for this post, just use the photos. But somehow they didn’t seem enough, which is funny given that everyone always says ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’. Maybe a thousand words wasn’t enough? Perhaps. Besides, what does a black and white photo of a bunch of coathangers really communicate?


Normally if I blog something, it’s because inspiration has hit and I draft something out and I know what I want to write and why I want to write it. Sometimes, I just write for the sake of posting something. But today, I just let my fingers type whatever they chose.


So there we go. Thank you for listening to what my fingers had to say. I should go re-read it, just to make sure I’m not rambling rubbish. Oh well, I hope you like my rambling rubbish, regardless.



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