friday favourites

Please excuse the dorky little video, with its cheesy images and subtitles – it’s the only youtube clip I could find that actually has Jason singing and isn’t live (and hard to hear!). A soothing little song that I’m a little hooked on…

Jason Mraz – Details in the Fabric

Twitter Discoveries

My friend techmonkey posted a link to an awesome gallery – The Invisible Man. Here’s my favourite…

invisman2YU Gallery / News Limited

Another fellow Tweeter shared a link to Snippet & Ink: Daily Wedding Inspiration as it featured an image of a girl that she thought looked a little bit like me. I toddled over to have a little look-see (can see some Kate resemblence actually) and got distracted by so many beautiful things.

In the midst of deciding that I would quite like to be a wedding photographer, or wedding planner, or wedding decorator, or wedding dress designer, and then realising I could probably do a few of those things by having my own wedding, you know, kill two (or three or four) birds with one stone, I came across two more things I LOVE.

Firstly – Jenna Walker Photographers.

I could spend hours getting caught up in all these delightful photos! So many stunning, stunning shots and beautiful stories to match. I have so many favourites, but here are two shots from the first wedding I stumbled across.



And after scrolling through more of Snippet and Ink, I found Sseko Designs. And I got really excited.


Sseko Designs is a little Not-Just-For-Profit in Uganda, East Africa, employing young women to create gorgeous fabric sandals. These women are secondary school graduates with big dreams to study at university and make an impact on the world around them. But tutition is expensive and jobs are hard to come by. Enter Sseko Designs, which employs these girls, providing a sustainable monthly income.


Personally, I would be super excited if anyone ever felt like purchasing me a pair of Starboard sandals, with extra straps in Tigerlilly and Teal..




2 thoughts on “friday favourites

  1. Laura will you be my wedding photographer??!??! you better learn how to use your camera properly before then though :-p hahahah. I don’t know when “then” is so I’m sure you’ve got at least a few years to learn.

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