tuesday 10:04pm

J: heya.

S: hey. how are you?

J: how do u think.. have u heard from the others yet?

S: nope. where are you now?

J: is it safe to say, do u reckon? i’m paranoid

S: you think you’re being watched?

J: yeh maybe. i swear the same car has been out front the last 2 nites. they can get online u no, hack ur system n stuff.

S: yeah true. you got out of the city at least though???

J: yeh man. found some dodgy net cafe… where r u?

S: man you’ve got me freaking now too. umm… got to the place where jonno lives, then split and made it to the end of the train line. you follow?

J: yeh man. u seen the news? its everywhere. the papers, the net. im freaking out here on my own. if they get us, they ain’t gunna understand any of it.

S: i know

J: and we are so screwed

S: i know

J: terry hasnt contacted me. he said hed touch base after, u know, figure out where to from here. but no word, u havnt heard a thing hey?

S: nope like i said, nothing. nothing from terry, nothing from the others. you are the first ive heard from.

J: he said he’d be in touch though.

S: yeah, he says a lot of things man. he’s all talk, terry. you know i dont even think he was at the station when it happened. i think he flew the coop, you know, and that’s why things turned out how they did.

J: didnt u need contact before u set it off tho?

S: yeah i got contact, but he rang through instead of messaging. didn’t sound like he was at no station hey

J: he blew us off u reckon?

S: wouldnt surprise me. i mean think about it. he masterminds this whole plan, we get involved, he screws us over and bolts. its all gonna look like us you know. youve read the headlines yet?

J: yeah i saw

S: ethnic violence, ethnic gangs etc, they aint gonna peg no white boy for it. if he’s bolted, man id like to get my hands on him. we’re fools

J: he aint going too far but, mitch got us to give in all our passports last week remember, i saw terry give in his

S: you didnt get yours back??

J: no, did u?

S: hell yeah, im not letting no one keep my passport man. not in times like these. trust no one, man. not even me.


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