one word.

The concept is really quite simple. One word each day. 60 seconds to write your response. The catch cry is ‘Don’t think, just write’. Yes. It’s easier said than done.

Check it out at (though maybe wait til tomorrow, you’ll already know today’s word because I included it below).

Here are a few of my oneword attempts – it really is a tough exercise.



i hold the paintbrush gently. it is my words, my expression, my story. it speaks for me now. i mean, it always had, my paintings always spoke more than i ever could. but now, when words no longer form in my mouth, it has to do all the talking.

and i have so much left to say.



he held my hand gently

guided me through the fields

past the daisies

under the sun

into a future unknown

but hoped for with great anticipation

yes he held my hand




the wax melted slowly, out of the candle, across the table, down the wall. slowly melting. slowly.

the rain poured down hard, over the rooftops, through the gaping holes, across the table, down the wall. pouring heavily. trickling slowly. drip. drip.

the water and the wax would not be friends. no matter how long the candle continued to melt. no matter how heavy the rain continued to fall. enemies, no. but friends? never.



she yelled loudly, almost a scream. the car was coming straight up them and henry hadn’t seen it until she let out her mighty wail. swerving frantically, he pulled over to the side of the road.

her breathing was heavy. oh she was angry.



He stopped.

Turning slowly, he saw her, trailing behind along the path they were both walking.

Light was fading from the sky as the sun set into the clouds. Life was fading slowly from them both. Days and days of walking had left them exhausted.

And one look into her eyes told him everything. Once blue, now colourless, he gazed into pools of mercury. She was fading fast.

(okay confession, I cheated on this one. Who has any idea on what to write about mercury?? So I clicked ‘refresh’ and then went overtime. what a rebel.)


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