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Yesterday I discovered Bookmarks.

I know hey. How lame and behind the times am I? Exuberant in this new discovery, I spent much of the day online, combing through countless blogs and news pages and anything else I could find, bookmarking the best and boo-hooing the rest (seriously, there are some lame websites out there….here’s hoping I’m not contributing to them…)

After yesterday’s big internet adventurer, you’d think things couldn’t get anymore exciting, right? WRONG.

You see today, I discovered RSS feeds and Google Reader.

While some of you are rolling your eyes and muttering to yourself about how ridiculously untechnological I must really be, I’d like to point the rest of you a simple little video that made my poor little brain finally figure out what this little orange square I keep seeing pop up is actually all about. The video, RSS in Plain English is here and I found it incredibly helpful.

I’m actually thinking about making someone in my family sit down and watching every single ‘….in Plain English‘ video. I’m sure you’d agree that there are only so many times one can explain the unique nuances of ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ or delve into the mechanics of ‘how to attach an email attachment” with untechnological family members. I also had a whole range of other questions I’ve been contemplating lately finally answered, and very succinctly I might add, in Zombies in Plain English.

Feeling like the little David Livingstone of the Internet, I moved all my newly-created Bookmarks into Google Reader and spent the rest of the day reading through old posts on Wronging Rights. If you are interested in International Relations, Human Rights or laughing (and let’s be serious now, if you’re not interested in at least one of those, you probably need to take some time out and think long and hard about why not) then this is a blog you need to subscribe to… or bookmark …or write-down-the-url-address-with-a-pen-on-a-piece-of-paper and visit daily.


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